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If You Have Any Inquiries or Want to Schedule an Appointment with

Passion Paintings by Deb in Billings, Montana, Feel Free to Reach out To Me Today.


Art That Brings Smiles to People’s Faces

Passion Paintings by Deb in Billings, Montana is an art business that aims to help people by creating pieces that connect to individuals. Art helped me heal the many deep wounds I had. I would like to bring awareness to the fact that art is quite effective as a healing element in all kinds of unique ways. I would even like to bring some joy to someone who views my pieces. One of my goals is to make art that brings just as much happiness to people as it does for me while creating it.

What Makes Me Unique?

I have an affinity for finding something special in my everyday life but also oddities. I am an up-and-coming acrylic and watercolor artist who creates wonderful paintings such as pet portraits and other mixed media. I am the founder of DLundart as well as the online shop, Passion Paintings by Deb.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to pursue the arts. All that mattered to me was that I fell in love with art and knew that I had to use it for some purpose in my future to help people.

I have had a love of nature since I was a small child, always awed by the world around me. As I grew up, I spent my summers riding horses, camping, boating, snorkeling, (and catching the biggest fish!), in beautiful Northwest Montana and Big Horn Canyon, Wyoming. 

I also love animals, and I’m a published author of the children’s book “Wet Paw Johnson” based on my beloved miniature schnauzer, Johnny, whom I lost to cancer in November 2019.

I grew up with a lot of hardship and adversity. I like to find the unusual in nature, especially things that grow and survive despite their surroundings just like I did. Flowers of all types fascinate me, and I am naturally drawn to the lotus because it grows beautifully despite its difficult beginning and its many meanings. I feel an affinity with things that survive and go on to thrive despite adverse beginnings or surroundings.

Painting in Every Medium

If you are looking for a mixed media art, watercolor or pet portraits, you can count on me. Check out my paintings and let me know if you are interested in any of them!


“Ah!!! I love it!”

- Barb S.

View My Watercolor Paintings