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Passion Paintings by Deb in Billings, Montana, Feel Free to Reach out To Me Today.


About the Artist

Deb Lund

Hi! I’m Deb, and I’m the person behind Passion Paintings by Deb. I was born and raised in Billings, Montana, a valley surrounded by hills to the south and tall, sandstone cliffs carved out millions of years ago by an ocean to the north. They are known as the Rimrocks or “Rims” for short. Although I’ve spent my entire life here in my hometown, I was able to travel around Europe while serving in the United States Air Force for four years.

As a child, I had a curious soul when it came to nature. I spent a lot of my youth exploring these cliffs and looking down onto my small city overwhelmed with a rich variety of green trees and vibrantly colored flowers.

My family also kept a vegetable garden in our backyard, and it was full of purple and red beets, bright, shiny, red tomatoes, and glorious orange carrots. Although my curiosity for the visual arts was something I was not allowed to pursue as a child, the effects of my natural surroundings have impacted my art today through the use of rich colors.

My Mission

Passion Paintings by Deb aims to provide a distinctive shop for those with a penchant for something that delights.


None of the content on this website may be reproduced, copied, printed, or used in any way for profit.  The content is owned by Passion Paintings by Deb aka DLundart.  Prints are available on demand.  Please feel free to contact me about a signed print!

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