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Deb Lund

Deb has an affinity for finding something special in the everyday but also oddities. She is a watercolor, pet portrait, acrylic, and mixed media artist. Deb has had a love of nature since she was a small child always finding awe in the world around her. She grew up in Montana spending her summers riding horses, camping, boating, snorkeling, and even fishing in her beautiful state. She also loves animals and is the published author of the children's bedtime story,
"Wet Paw Johnson." Deb grew up with much hardship and adversity. She likes to find the unusual in nature, especially those things that grow and survive despite their surroundings as she did. Flowers of all types fascinate her. She is naturally drawn to the lotus flower because it grows to be so beautiful in spite of its difficult beginning and its many meanings. Deb has rapport with those living things that survive and go on to thrive regardless of adverse beginnings or surroundings. Deb's paintings and other creations are a combination of skill, intuition, and love. Her hopes and dreams for her art are for the viewer to experience inspiration and joy.

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